Cap FISHMACHINE Breathable stylish cork

Functional mesh cap with a unique design in imitation of a rod handle.

This version of the cap offers perfect functionality with a unique style. The front is filled with breathable and light fabric. The back is made of special mesh, at the end there is a regulation strap for reducing or increasing the size of the cap's circumference. Due to the well-executed ergonomic style, this cap is really very comfortable to wear. It holds perfectly on the head even during sudden movements. So you don't have to constantly reposition and adjust it whenever you make a sudden move. We worked on its design in imitation of a cork rod handle for a really long time. Due to its interesting yet neutral color, it goes well with all types of clothing we offer. If you want to combine fresh elegance with high functionality, then this cap is the right choice for you.

  • Made from breathable and light fabric
  • Ventilation mesh
  • Regulatory strap
  • Ergonomic style for a perfect fit
  • Unique cork rod handle design

Size guide

Circumference: 52 to 62cm

Material and maintenance

Material: 100% sublimated jeans GSM 370
Cleaning: Wash inside out in the washing machine at 30°C without fabric softener
Drying: Dry inside out in a tumble dryer on the synthetic program. Or use classic air drying. Place the clothes on a hanger and let them dry. Do not place clothes on radiators or near stoves or fireplaces.
Made in: Pakistan

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