Feed for e-shops

A simple tool that will help you fill the content of your e-shop with our products.

Universal export, XML FEED for your e-shop - download here

We offer the possibility of data synchronization through the xml feed of our store. This is the connection of your e-shop with our store. The principle is that we will enable you to obtain information about the products in electronic form that we offer in our e-shop. After the successful implementation of the feed, the products will "appear" in your e-shop just like in ours.

Thanks to the xml feed, you get all the information about the offered products, i.e. description, price, stock availability and photos. One of the great advantages of xml feed is the up-to-date data and information about the given products. Xml feed updates information about the products we offer several times a day. Xml feed will save you time with the administration of your chosen products.

We strongly recommend making slight changes to the imported informations due to disfavoring the same content by search engines.

We also recommend that you display products with stock availability of more than 2 pieces to avoid the situation that the products will be sold out before your customer completes the order. We also recommend updating the xml feed at least once a day, incl. photos, captions, product names, etc. If you have the option to set the automatic import of the XML Feed at more frequent time intervals than 1x a day, definitely choose this option.

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