Shorts FISHMACHINE No sweating trouble (olive)

Fishmachine shorts in olive color with a unique design, a sweat wicking system and UV protection from the sun will ensure that you have a comfortable time while fishing.

A highly functional shorts with sweat wicking technology and UV protection from the sun is the perfect first layer. Forget about a sweaty and wet back whenever you start moving or fishing. From now on you can feel really good. The material is very comfortable on the body and at the same time resistant to dirt. The non-creasing of the material is also a big advantage. So you don't have to worry about folding and properly storing the shorts in the closet, suitcase or backpack. Even if you crumple the shorts into a ball shape, it will still look great after you put it on. The graphic design of the Fishmachine brand expresses that even fishermen can have style. Even fishermen can dress nice and efficient at the same time. The all-over designs with our fish are clear proof of this. No one overlooks them and everyone asks about them.

  • Sweat wicking technology
  • UV protection technology 
  • A synthetic fiber that is made of linear macromolecules
  • Durable and wrinkle-free material
  • Unique all-over design

Size guide









68 - 103 cm

73 - 113 cm

75 - 115 cm

78 - 124 cm

80 - 128 cm

84 - 144 cm


44.5 cm

45.5 cm

45.5 cm

48.5 cm

48.5 cm

53.5 cm

Shorts are elastic and the waist can be easily adjusted with a drawstring.

Material and maintenance

Material: 100% polyester mesh
Cleaning: Wash inside out in the washing machine at 30°C without fabric softener
Drying: Dry inside out in a tumble dryer on the synthetic program. Or use classic air drying. Place the clothes on a hanger and let them dry. Do not place clothes on radiators or near stoves or fireplaces.
Made in: Pakistan

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