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A winter hat that protects you from wind, cold and to some extent even rain or snow. A winter hat that is not too bulky and still offers great performance.

A winter hat that doesn't blow away. A winter hat which can withstand water to some extent, and it's also not too bulky and clumsy. Our goal was to develop a powerful winter hat that would protect you from various natural influences at once and at the same time would not visually enlarge your head too much. It has a smooth surface that drains water well, so it can withstand rain and snow to a certain extent. Thanks to a smart combination of materials it won't blow out and protects especially the most susceptible ears. On the inside, it has an insulating layer which is again not too bulky, but at the same time it is highly efficient. The inner insulation is also very pleasant to the touch thus it is pleasant to wear. Thanks to the flexible material it perfectly copies the head. For greater comfort in bad weather, you can use the velcro under the chin and pull the winter hat down so that there is no space for cold air. The downside of this cap is that you won't hear as well like when you're not wearing it. However, you need to feel comfortable when you fishing. If you want to effectively protect your head, including your ears from wind and cold air and want to be ready for anything, then this cap is the clear choice for you.

  • Protection against wind, cold air and to some extent even rain or snow
  • Light yet highly efficient
  • A smooth surface on which water flows well
  • Very pleasant inner insulating layer
  • Velcro for a perfect fit around the head

- Doesn't look very elegant
- It doesn't transmit as much sound, so you won't hear as well as without it.

Size guide

Width: 24 cm
Length: 21 cm

Material and maintenance

Material: 8 oz jeans and puller fleece
Cleaning: Wash inside out in the washing machine at 30°C without fabric softener
Drying: Dry inside out in a tumble dryer on the synthetic program. Or in the air, we place the clothes on a hanger and let them dry out of direct reach of the heat source. Do not place clothes on radiators or near stoves or fireplaces.
Country of origin: Pakistan

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