The origin of the Fishmachine brand

Here you will find out what the story of the Fishmachine brand is.

The Fishmachine brand was founded in 2022 on the Norwegian coast in a small village called Hasvåg. Founder of Fishmachine is the fishing enthusiast and editor Zdenek Rerucha. After his experiences in sea and freshwater fishing around the world started work on his own collection of functional and uncompromising clothing. In Norway, a fisherman, captain or sailor cannot afford the wrong choice of clothing. Here the weather can be very cruel and unpredictable. Everyone has to be prepared for snow storms, wind, rain, sun, and they have to be able to move comfortably. Clothing in these conditions must be extremely functional. No one should be cold or too hot.

Each of our products has gone through a testing process in these harsh regions. We gradually developed the functionality of our products and also focused on their proper layering. Our products and the philosophy of dressing them are based on many years of experience of fishermen, captains, sailors and various outdoor enthusiasts.

In addition to uncompromising materials, we also focused on the visual side of our products. So that their design is novel, original and exceptional, just like the entire concept of the brand. The Fishmachine brand graphics express that fishermen can have style too. Even fishermen can dress nice and efficient at the same time. Even fishermen can go out with friends with our products and impress them. The all-over designs with our fish are clear proof of this. They interest everyone and everyone asks about them.

This is also why today the Fishmachine brand is popularly worn by people all over the world. Fishermen, captains, sailors, outdoor enthusiasts and others, whom we impressed with our style and uncompromising materials.

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