The philosophy of dressing and the materials of our products

Information about the materials we use. How to put on individual layers of clothing.

Our clothing is developed in such a way that you can easily and quickly react to any weather that you encounter while fishing. We are aware that every fisherman often encounters very variable weather in one day, to which he must react adequately. So how to do it?

1. Layer must be highly functional, sweat wicking

Our t-shirts, jerseys and shorts are made of highly functional materials that wick away sweat very successfully. Trust me, you'll appreciate it in any season. Every active angler is on the move and it doesn't matter if he walks around the shore with spinning, flyfishing rod or sits most of the day, casts and feeds his fishing spot. Whether it's summer or winter, any energy expended means you'll sweat. You often then feel a cold compress on your back, which indicates a poorly chosen first layer. It is the cold sweat soaked in your T-shirt that is often the cause of back pain.

Our processing and the materials used will ensure sweat drainage, so you will feel completely comfortable in any circumstances.

  • T-shirt FISHMACHINE No sweating trouble 
  • Jersey FISHMACHINE No sweating trouble 
  • Shorts FISHMACHINE No sweating trouble 
  • Buff FISHMACHINE Breathing necessity 
  • Gloves FISHMACHINE Painless hands 

2. Layer must keep you warm

The first layer is followed by our hoodies or trousers made with the aim of both layers doing the best possible job. The middle layer is suitable for colder conditions and is made of high quality insulating materials. However, this does not mean that you will be excessively warm. Although our products ensure the maintenance of constant warmth, they have been developed with the aim of allowing them to breathe at the same time.

The mid layer should look like it will keep you warm but not overheat and sweat. It is with this goal in mind that we produce the second layer. Thanks to our first-class workmanship and high-quality materials you can enjoy the cold weather.

  • Hoodie FISHMACHINE Active casting
  • Hoodie FISHMACHINE Buddy of captain
  • Hoodie FISHMACHINE Comfort at anytime
  • Trousers FISHMACHINE Comfortable active fishing
  • Winter hat FISHMACHINE Ready for anything
  • Buff FISHMACHINE Insulated necessity

3. Layer is waterproof

The third layer product series developed by us is suitable for extreme conditionsWe make waterproof jackets and trousers suitable for really bad weather. When we developing these products we emphasize resistance to water and windDepending on the conditions this layer can be combined with the first or if necessary the second layer of our products.

The third layer should look like it will keep you dry and warm even in very bad weather. And it is precisely with such a goal that we realize this series of products. Thanks to the right choice of materials and uncompromising processing, you will feel comfortable even if the weather is bad.

  • Jacket FISHMACHINE Allyear functionality
  • Jacket FISHMACHINE No compromise
  • Trousers FISHMACHINE No compromise
  • Gloves FISHMACHINE Brutal fights

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