Delivery time and wholesale order limits

Here you will find out the delivery time of our products and the minimum quantity for wholesale orders.

Wholesale order limits

A minimum of thirty pieces of each product must be ordered. However, it is possible to combine sizes. For example, in the case of T-shirts, you can order 10x sizes L, XL, XXL from one pattern. Products that are in one size must be ordered in at least 30 pieces of one type. So for example 30x buff, 30x snapback, 30x cap.

If you want to try with us from the beginning with a smaller order, contact us by email, we will be happy to accommodate you.

Stock availability in our e-shop

Most of our products are stored in our production center, which is not connected to the warehouse of a regular e-shop for customers. We ship wholesale orders from the production center straight to your store. For wholesale orders, please do not look at the stock availability of individual items in the e-shop.

Delivery time

It always depends on the quantity of products. We ship standard orders of up to 100 pieces of one type of product within 35 days of your purchase. We ship orders that are not in stock and have yet to go into production within 55 days. After your order, we will always inform you how long the production process will take and when the goods could arrive.

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